When managing a deer population, three major factors impact the growth and reproduction of your herd – habitat, genetics and nutrition. Implementing a feeding program that fills any gaps in your habitat is essential. Year-round supplementation with Rack Revolution products offers numerous advantages for your herd including reducing post-rut recovery time, promoting high conception rates and twin birth percentages, supporting overall health and body condition, and growing big, healthy bucks. Our proprietary production technology creates a compact pellet that holds its shape and is moisture resistant – perfect for all seasons. Plus, the irresistible aroma of the all-natural ingredients draws deer in and keeps them coming back.

Whether you’re looking to improve herd health, grow bigger antlers or simply attract deer to your stand, MasterHand Milling’s Rack Revolution and Rack Revolution Magnify are unique dried distillers grain supplements unlike any other products on the market.



Rack Revolution’s concentrated supplements are made using 100% all-natural dried distillers grains with no fillers, binders or molasses. The number one source of protein used in cattle feedlots, dried distillers grains are a corn by-product of the ethanol industry. DDG is rich in concentrated protein, fat, minerals and vitamins that ruminant animals need. It has a longer shelf life than other ingredients, allowing the product to be stored and transported over long distances without sacrificing nutrient quality. Each load of DDG is sampled and analyzed to guarantee it meets our quality standards.

The nutritional benefits of distillers grain have been proven time and again in the cattle industry, and with Rack Revolution we are able to bring those benefits to your deer herd. The purest, most concentrated form of corn on the market, DDG provides significantly more energy than whole corn. Low residual starch content prevents acidosis and a high level of phosphorous maximizes calcium utilization for larger, harder antlers. Plus, an irresistible natural aroma and the highly palatable feed keep deer coming back again and again.



All Rack Revolution feed products are made using our unique pelleting processes. Compared to other pelleted products that are soft and leave behind significant waste, our technique produces a compact cube that holds its shape and is ideal for feeding on the ground or in feeders.

Our technology offers distinct nutritional advantages, as well. The process breaks down the nutrients in the distillers grains and in turn improves digestibility and absorption. Denatured proteins are more readily available for absorption while broken down fiber encourages animals to eat slower, salivate more and have fewer digestive issues. Additionally, the process exposes fat bound in fiber particles, resulting in an increase in the final net energy.


Family owned and operated from the start, MasterHand Milling has been producing 100% dried distillers grain products for the livestock industry since 2014. Based in Lexington, Nebraska, our mill features groundbreaking production technology that creates cubes and pellets unlike any other feed on the market.  With backgrounds in ethanol production, the cattle industry and feed manufacturing, our diverse team is passionate about producing superior quality products backed by unrivaled customer service.  Learn more about MasterHand Milling at