Being a farmer and rancher in Nebraska I have always had a passion for deer hunting. This has led me to becoming a year round deer hunter/manager. I was searching for a product I could supplement my deer herd with especially during the off season. This led me to Rack Revolution and I’m glad it did because it grew my biggest deer to date, 196 inches of proof that it works. While processing the deer I noticed there wasn’t a tick on him and he had one of the healthiest coats I’ve seen on an early season deer. This allowed him to have a stress free growing summer and he added over 40” from the previous season. Rack Revolution has extremely strong aroma and great palatability making it unbeatable for attracting and growing big deer.


After trying every feed on the market for the last few years and struggling to really see quality results, I stumbled across information about Rack Revolution’s products. After using them for a few short months and letting other hunting buddies try the products, I quickly learned how big of a game changer it could really be for us. As soon as you open a bag of fresh Rack Revolution you’ll smell the difference. As soon as you put Rack Revolution out on your favorite honey hole or your big buck spot you’ll see the difference. The proof is in the pudding!


In Nebraska we can’t hunt over bait, and if you’re hunting a baited area, all bait must be removed 10 days prior to season. The drawing power of Rack Revolution Magnify brought this deer in, and even after weeks of no bait, he and several other mature bucks made the entire area a major scrape line. I’ve never seen anything like this that has this kind of power.


I truly believe that Rack Revolution has taken my deer off the charts! I have been using deer feed for a long time and have never seen anything like this. These deer are young and very impressive. I can’t wait to see what another year on this feed will produce. As an outfitter this is a game changer for me.