The common practice in many deer operations is to only offer protein supplementation outside of hunting season.  But, research shows offering balanced  free choice supplement year-round can offer numerous advantages to your program.

In the winter months, bucks recovering from the stress of the rut benefit from the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties found in Magnify.  The increased protein and energy improve fertility in does and increases conception rates. Plus, Magnify’s probiotic ingredients aid in digestion and absorption , so deer retain more nutrition from native browse during harsh winter months.

Protein is the key ingredient in the early stages of antler growth in the spring.  Increased blood flow and digestion support moves protein and other essential minerals to the growing antlers. Does need nutrition support in the final stages of pregnancy and for lactation after fawns are born.

Summer is the most important time for antler growth.  Supplementation encourages increased blood flow that moves essential minerals to the antlers during the final stages of growth.  Supplementation during this period also sustains overall health for lactating does, and support growing fawns.

In the fall, bucks need minerals for hardening antlers, as well as increased protein and energy leading into the rut.  Supplemented does are able to maintain body condition and fat stores for winter, which leads to higher conception rates.  Fawns will also be looking for additional nutrients after does stop lactating.